The Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation partners with the Global Commons Alliance

All life on Earth depends on clean air and water, biodiversity, healthy oceans, and a stable climate. These are the Global Commons: the shared resources that ensure a habitable planet upon which we can all live, work, and prosper into the future. But according to the latest science, the drain on these resources, largely due to unsustainable consumption and the structure of the global economy, is overwhelming critical life-support systems. The system is out of balance.

An International Dialogue on Our Global Commons convened by the Global Environment Facility and IUCN in 2016 emphasized the importance of systems change, based on the understanding that the current crisis of climate and ecological breakdown stems from a collision between the natural system and the human system, in which human economic activities exert overwhelming pressures on the global commons. In response, a coalition was built, and the Global Commons Alliance was formally launched in 2019 at the World Economic Forum in Davos with 26 top science and conservation organizations.

The Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation is proud to announce it is partnering with other funders to support the Global Commons Alliance. The mission of the Alliance is to empower citizens, cities, companies, and countries to become stewards of our global commons. Its vision is the triumph of the global commons – a systemic solution to the ‘tragedy of the commons’ that regenerates our natural systems and decarbonizes our global economy. The Alliance is an unprecedented collaboration of influential actors focused on systems change to protect a safe and just corridor for humanity. The Alliance brings together powerful leadership, science, innovation, technology, and communications, which our foundation is very proud to support.

“Partnering with the Global Commons Alliance is the first bigger funding decision made under the foundation’s new strategy period. The objectives, methods and target groups of the Alliance are extremely well aligned with those of our foundation”, says Anna Herlin, Head of Development at the Tiina & Antti Herlin Foundation. “We are extremely proud and excited to become a part of the community that is so well equipped and determined to safeguard our global commons.”

For more information on the Global Commons Alliance, please see the Alliance’s website.

For more information on the partnership, please contact Anna Herlin, Head of Development, the Tiina & Antti Herlin Foundation.