Expert group

The TAH Foundation receives numerous high-quality project applications, of which the most promising ones proceed to be evaluated by an independent expert group. Our experts are deeply familiar with the challenges and opportunities related to the focus areas of our environmental programme. Their diverse backgrounds enable well-considered funding decisions that align with the foundation’s strategy, goals, and values.

In the spirit of transparency, we disclose the composition of our expert group. In addition to the mentioned experts, we may consult external experts on a case-by-case basis in areas where the evaluated project does not align with the core expertise of the expert group members.

The information presented on our website regarding the composition of our expert team is regularly updated to reflect the addition of new experts and if their involvement changes.

Current members of our expert group:

Antti Arasto is a multidisciplinary expert in the energy sector, with experience ranging from power plant commissioning projects to building innovation ecosystems. He has a broad systemic view of the energy transition and various technologies related to climate change mitigation and new energy solutions, such as hydrogen, electrification, bioeconomy, and carbon capture, storage, and utilization, as well as their application in emission-intensive industries.
Pentti Hakkarainen is a Finnish banker and experienced board professional. He has had a distinguished career in numerous leadership and trust positions, including the European Central Bank, the Bank of Finland, Postipankki, OKO, and Outokumpu, as well as in the boards of Finnish companies such as IS-Yhtymä, Veikkaus, Finnvera, and Olvi, and in IMF and EU committees.
Minttu Jaakkola serves as the Executive Director of Puistokatu 4, transitioning from her role as Research and Executive Director of the Nessling Foundation in early 2023. Minttu’s career has been dedicated to advancing scientific research and interdisciplinary dialogue to build a sustainable future. With a PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology, she sees humans as part of a complex network of species, upon which humans are entirely dependent.
Kaisa Kosonen has worked on climate issues in domestic and international roles at the environmental organization Greenpeace since 2002. She is the IPCC Lead for Greenpeace International and a member of several research consortium steering groups (CONSTRAIN, PROVIDE ja 2035Legitimacy).
Ville Lähde is a researcher at the BIOS Research Unit, focusing on issues such as the problems of food systems, the sufficiency of natural resources, poverty and population issues, and the importance of education in ecological reconstruction. He is also a longtime editor of the philosophical journal niin & näin. With an academic background in philosophy and environmental policy, he brings a unique perspective to the team.
Hanno Nevanlinna is one of the founders of Futurice, successfully applying design thinking to the development of new organizations, corporate cultures, management systems, design methods, and various services and products. Throughout his career, he has helped hundreds of organizations solve their business challenges. During his time as HR Director at Futurice, the company was twice recognized as the best workplace in Europe.

Additionally, our expert group includes Jouni Keronen ja Helena Soimakallio.