The Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation has outlined its 2020–2025 strategy, which will focus its resources on finding solutions for the global environmental crisis and, in particular, cutting emissions volumes fast. 

The foundation will analyse and select partners for the 2020–2025 Strategy Period on the basis of expert review and dialogue. It is unlikely that the foundation will organise open grant application cycles.

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@pipelife wrote about our #biochar #research on #drainage experiment, globally first where BC applied to 1m deep as #carrbonsink with benefits to leachate quality. Aiming to reduce N, P and C losses. Funded by Tiura and Aaltonen Foundations and @TAHsaatio

Lapsiperheiden kesälomille tarjolla puheenaiheita @Puistokatu4 ystäväkirjasta, johon tällä kertaa kirjoitti mahtava @suviauvi 🤸🏼‍♀️

Miten puhua tulevaisuudesta lasten kanssa? Vinkki nro 1: ”Riisu aiheesta mystisyys: tulevaisuus ei vain tapahdu, se tehdään juuri nyt.”

Meaningful change will come if we join forces and work together @harrilammi @PACE_News panel “Healthy Environment a #HumanRight” @PeaceOneDay