Grants and partners

Are you looking for funding? 

For the 2020–2025 Strategy Period, the foundation will analyse and select its partners, including the projects that it will fund, on the basis of expert knowledge and dialogue. It is unlikely that the foundation will organise open grant application cycles. The foundation will identify projects to be funded, at all times building on open dialogue and expert assessment.

One of the key criteria that determines how projects are selected for funding is an assessment of their effectiveness in creating conditions that will enable fast or significant reduction of emissions. These criteria are applied to all projects reviewed for funding.

In addition to effectively reducing emissions, the projects and solutions to receive funding need to be scalable. Another of the foundation’s goals is to offer inspiring and effective examples that others can employ and develop further.

Would you like to contact us about applying for funding? First, you should check that the project you want to propose meets the foundation’s criteria for climate projects:

  • The positive climate effects of my proposed project are fast-acting and effective.
  • My project addresses the climate crisis as a systemic issue and takes into account the associated ecological and social issues. 
  • My project proposes scalable solutions.

Yes to all three? Great! The best way to proceed is to send an e-mail to Anna Herlin, the foundation’s Head of Development: .

Have you received a grant from the Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation before? 

The foundation continues to fund projects that have made clear progress. Research projects for doctoral theses can be funded for up to four years, and other projects for up to two years. You can also apply for funding to increase the effectiveness of the project in question through research data sharing or other communications means. Please contact Riikka Ihamuotila, General Secretary of the foundation, for more information on these questions: .