Privacy Statement

Updated March 15, 2024.

Register Holder

Tiina ja Antti Herlinin säätiö sr
Y-tunnus 2597856-6
Puistokatu 4, 00140 Helsinki

Register Names

Grant, Donation, and Scholarship Applicant Register
Grant, Donation, and Scholarship Recipient Register
Stakeholder Register

Contact Information of the Register Holder

For the Grant- and Donation-related Registers:

Riikka Ihamuotila,
Head of Administration

For the Stakeholder Register:

Taneli Rajala
Communications Specialist

Purpose of Processing Personal Data

Personal data is collected and processed to enable the foundation’s activities. The processing is based on the legitimate interests of the foundation. The foundation also has a legal obligation to collect personal data regarding granted grants, donations, and scholarships, among other things, for notifications to authorities. In separately defined situations, the processing may also be based on the individual’s consent.

Grant, Donation, and Scholarship Applicant Register

Regarding the grant, donation, and scholarship applications addressed to the foundation, data is processed for making grant, donation, and scholarship decisions.

Grant, Donation, and Scholarship Recipient Register

Data is processed for monitoring and payments of granted grants, donations, and scholarships, as well as for making notifications to authorities.

Stakeholder Register

Data is processed for informing about the foundation’s activities and communication with stakeholders.

In addition to the above, information may be processed for statistical and research use.

Register Data Content

Grant, Donation, and Scholarship Applicant Register

Name, position or profession of the applicant, contact information, personal identification number or business ID, organization, purpose or nature of the requested grant, donation, or scholarship, amount and application period, degrees obtained by the applicant, referees, funding received by the applicant in the previous three years as reported by the applicant, pending other grant, donation, or scholarship applications reported by the applicant, recommendations and opinions, other possible attachments sent by the applicant (diplomas, resumes, portfolios, research or project plans, publication list, activity reports, etc.), and necessary email correspondence between the foundation and the applicant.

Grant, Donation, and Scholarship Recipient Register

In addition to the above data, the date and amount of the granted grant or scholarship, payment contact information for the grant or scholarship, and interim and final reports.

Stakeholder Register

Name, organization, email address of the stakeholder.

Data Sources

Registers concerning grants, donations, and scholarships

Personal data in the application and its attachments is collected from applicants and, if necessary, from other funding sources. By submitting the application or payment request, the applicant consents to the processing of their data for the intended purposes.

The applicant must obtain consent from their team members and referees before disclosing their personal data to the foundation.

Data from external referees is obtained from the applicant, and the recommendation data itself is obtained from the referee. The recommender grants permission for the recommendation and the storage of necessary personal data when providing the recommendation.

The foundation’s own evaluators provide their assessments of the application. At the same time, the evaluator grants permission for the assessment and the storage of necessary personal data.

Stakeholder Register

The register consists of newsletter subscribers and individuals who have participated in events organized by the foundation or otherwise engaged in contributing to the foundation’s mission.

Data Processors

Personal data is processed by the foundation’s Head of Administration, Executive Director, Head of Development, or Head of Environmental Projects, evaluators designated by the foundation, referees appointed by the applicant, the foundation’s board, technical support personnel, designated users of the accounting firm, auditors, and other grant providers, as well as employees responsible for the stakeholder register who have the necessary permissions and authority to process such matters. Information is displayed only to the extent necessary for the operations of the recipient group.

All individuals mentioned above are subject to confidentiality obligations regarding personal data in the foundation’s registers.

Protection of Personal Data

The foundation protects data with necessary technical and organizational measures.

The application system provider ensures the protection of personal data in accordance with the agreement as a data processor and processes data only in accordance with the agreement and instructions from the foundation. Access to the foundation’s electronic application system requires a personal user ID. The main user also determines the access level granted to users. Logging into the system requires a personal password, and system usage is monitored via a secure SSL connection.

The information is stored in service databases, which are protected by firewalls and other necessary technical means. The databases are located in locked and guarded premises, and access to the data is restricted to certain predefined individuals.

Personal data in the stakeholder register is kept confidential in the foundation’s information systems and the MailChimp service. The foundation’s network and the hardware on which the register is located are protected by necessary technical measures. MailChimp acts as a data processor in accordance with the agreement made with the foundation. MailChimp is responsible for complying with data protection legislation. Personal data may also be processed by the processor outside the EU and EEA, but the processor is committed to complying with the obligations of the EU Data Protection Regulation in data transfers.

Data Subject’s Right to Access Their Own Data

Grant, donation, or scholarship applicants and recipients can log in to the system to view all the information they have provided in the register by opening the preview of the application form or the payment details or reporting tab. They can view and change up-to-date contact information under Settings – Personal Information.

Grant, donation, or scholarship applicants and recipients have the right and obligation to correct inaccurate information. If they have a request or question regarding the matter, they can address it to the foundation’s Director of Administration through an internal system message or a personally signed letter to the following address: Head of Administration Riikka Ihamuotila, Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation, Puistokatu 4, 00140 Helsinki, Finland. The inspection is free of charge if it occurs up to once a year.

Applicants have the right to withdraw their application, in which case the application will not be evaluated. If a decision has already been made on the application, the application’s information cannot be completely removed from the system.

Applicants and recipients also have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority if they believe their personal data has been processed incorrectly.

Applicants and recipients do not have the right to inspect application evaluation data or data collected for statistical purposes.

Stakeholder register participants have the right to know the information stored about them in the register, which they can obtain by requesting it from the register’s contact person.

Paper Materials

The foundation does not generally store personal data on paper, but if such material exists, it is kept in locked and technically access-controlled premises accessible only to relevant individuals.

Data Transfer

Paid grants, donations, and scholarships are reported to the tax authorities in accordance with tax laws and to the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Mela) in accordance with the Farmers’ Pensions Act. The recipients and amounts of granted grants, donations, and scholarships, and possibly project summaries, are published on the foundation’s website and in the annual report. The foundation may disclose information to other grant providers. The foundation has obtained explicit consent from the grant, donation, and scholarship recipients for the disclosure of such information. 

A service provider implementing stakeholder communication for the foundation may act as a processor of personal data. In these cases the foundation and provider have agreed on the processing of personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Transfer of Data Outside the EU or European Economic Area

The foundation primarily processes and stores personal data within the EU or European Economic Area. However, the foundation may use service providers who process personal data outside these areas. In such cases, the protection of data is ensured in accordance with EU data protection legislation.

Retention of Personal Data

Data concerning rejected grant, donation, and scholarship applications is deleted at the end of the application year, except for information required for statistics and scientific or historical research purposes. 

Information about granted grants, donations, and scholarships is kept for the period required by the Accounting Act. Attachment details to decision protocols are kept permanently.

Data Deletion

Upon request, the foundation may delete the personal data of grant, donation, or scholarship applicants or recipients from its register if one of the following criteria is met: the personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed, the data subject withdraws their consent on which the processing is based, and there is no other legal ground for the processing, the personal data have been unlawfully processed.

The request must be made specifically, in writing, and with a personally signed letter addressed to:

Head of Administration Riikka Ihamuotila
Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation
Puistokatu 4
00140 Helsinki

From the Stakeholder Register, individuals can remove their own personal data by contacting the register administrator or, in the case of newsletter recipients, by canceling their subscription using the link provided at the end of the newsletter.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small file that a website stores on a visitor’s computer and that the visitor’s browser provides to the website each time the visitor returns. The foundation uses cookies on its website to track traffic on the foundation’s website and in the foundation’s electronic grant system. Cookies are not used for marketing or advertising purposes, and the information related to them is not disclosed to third parties.. Visitors can disable cookies or set their browser to alert them to cookies from the browser settings.