Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Names of Registers

Register of donation/grant/funding applicants,
Register of donations/grants/funding recipients


Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation
Kartanontie 1
FIN – 00330 Helsinki

Contact person

Riikka Ihamuotila, secretary general 

Purpose of processing personal data / Purpose of use of the data file

Personal data is collected and processed to enable the purpose of the operations of the Foundation. The Foundation also has a statutory duty to collect personal data among other things for the purpose of notifying the authorities of awarded donations/grants/funding.

Purposes for the Register of Applicants

To form a register of donation/grant/funding applications addressed to Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation. The register is used in the decision-making process regarding such applications.

Purposes for Register of Recipients

To monitor progress of financed research/projects, and to store information relating to the payments of donations/grants/funding awarded; such information is also used in notifying the Finnish authorities of such payments; and also for the purposes of statistical or research use.

Contents of the Registers

Register of Applicants

The grant applicant’s name, title or profession, contact info, date of birth or business ID, purpose of use of the donation/grant/funding applied, names of the members of the prospective research/work/project group, applied donation/grant/funding amount and time period, degrees completed by the applicant, references, other donations/grants/funding previously received by the applicant, pending donation/grant/funding applications and other information and attachments provided by the applicant and email correspondence between the Foundation and applicant when needed.

Register of Recipients

In addition to the information provided above, date and amount of the sum awarded, information required for the payment of the award. Information relating to the progress and final report of the financed research/project.

Sources of data

Information mostly provided by the applicant. When providing such information the applicant has given promision for its storage in the Foundation’s register.

The applicant is responsible for obtaining consent to supply information of his/her research/work/project team from each individual team member.

Reference statements provided by the referee named by the applicant. When providing such information the referee has given promision for its storage in the Foundation’s register.

Assessment consultation provided by assessors named by the Foundation. When providing such information the assessor has given promision for its storage in the Foundation’s register.

Data processors and regular disclosure of information

Information on donation/grant/funding applications and awards are processed by the Foundation’s secretary general, head of development, head of environmental projects, referees named by applicants, members of the board of the Foundation, external assessers, administrators of electronic systems, the Foundation’s accountants and other grant providers.

Private personal information is shared with the people referred to above only on a strict need-to-know- basis. All the persons referred to above who process data have a duty of secrecy regarding the personal data registered in the Foundation’s registers.

Principles of data file protection

The Foundation protects the data by using necessary technical and organisational measures. As processors of the personal data, the suppliers of the Foundation’s electronic donation/grant/funding system and archive system suppliers ensure protection of the data using necessary technical and organisational measures and process the data only in accordance with the agreement and mandates with the Foundation. The persons processing the data have a duty of secrecy.

Only pre-approved persons are granted the right to use the registers. Access to the data requires a login username and password. The connections are protected by SSL-encryption.

The web service provider is responsible for the protection of the relevant equipment with proper fire protection and a system for fire alarm and reserve power. All equipment is located in an access- controlled data center with 24 hour supervision.

Right of audit

An individual applicant/recipient may log into the Foundation register to review the personal data relating to him/her. In the event he/she finds the information to be incorrect, he/she has the right – and duty – to demand it to be corrected. Request for this is to be presented with a personally signed written letter addressed to:

Riikka Ihamuotila, general secretary
Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation
Kartanontie 1
FIN – 00330 Helsinki, Finland

An applicant has the right to withdraw his/her application, and such an application will not be processed. If a decision has already been made regarding such an application, it may be that all information may no longer be deleted from the register.

Paper format

In principle, the Foundation does not store private data on paper material, but if this is the case, such material is stored in a locked and technically access-controlled facilities.

Disclosed data

Donations/grants/funding awarded and their recipients are published on the website of Tiina and Antti Herlin at and in the annual report of the Foundation. The Foundation notifies the tax authorities and the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution of the donations/grants/funding awarded and their recipients in accordance with the laws of Finland.

Data transfers outside of EU or EEA

The Foundation processes and stores personal data in priciple in the EU or European Economic Area. However, the Foundation may use service providers processing personal data also outside these areas. In such cases, data protection is ensured as required by the Finnish data protection regulation.

Storage of personal data

Information on rejected donation/grant/funding applications is erased before the first anniversary of the application, except for information needed for statistical, scientific or historical research purposes.

Information on donations/grants/funding awarded is stored for the period required by the Accounting Act (incl. applicant’s data, award criteria).

Notes to the Minutes of Meeting regarding awards granted are stored permanently.

Erasure of information

The Foundation can erase, on separate request, and applicant’s/recipient’s/data subject’s information from its register where one of the following criteria is met:

  • the personal data is no longer needed in relation to the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise processed,
  • the data subject withdraws their consent on which processing is based and there is no other legal basis for processing,
  • the personal data has been used unlawfully.

Requests for erasure must made specifically and with personally signed written letter to:

Riikka Ihamuotila, general secretary
Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation
Kartanontie 1
FIN – 00330 Helsinki, Finland

Cookie policy

A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on the visitor’s computer when browsing a website and which notifies the website each time the visitor visits the same site. Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation uses cookies on its website to track traffic to the Foundation’s website and its electronic grant application system. Cookies are not used for marketing or advertising purposes. Cookies can be disabled or browser settings changed to alert to cookies.

For more information on privacy policy and about the rights of data protection subjects, please go to the webpages of the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman.