No open call for applications in January 2020

There will be no call for applications in coming January for the Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation. Many of the foundation’s grantees from previous years work on longer projects, and since 2019 the foundation has granted funding for several years with one decision. Also, if you have applied for a one-year grant but your project lasts longer, you are eligible for a continuation grant.

The TAH Foundation has a maximum of four years of funding for PhD work, and a maximum of two years of funding for other types of work and projects. There will be a call for continuation grants for our current grantees opening in January. All eligible grantees of this opportunity will be notified personally when the call is opened.

Since most of the foundation’s available funding this fiscal year is already tied to existing projects, it would be ill-advised to open a call for new projects. “With a foundation the size of ours, opening such a small call for applications would mean countless hours of unproductive i.e. inefficient work, to all those applicants who would not make it to the very limited group of projects that would be granted funding”, says Anna Herlin, the foundation’s head of development. “We are in the process of modifying our work in ways that would radically cut the amount of work that grant seekers are currently made to do in vain.”