Call for applications to open in January 2018

Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation continues its work on funding solutions for various types of environmental issues: the next application cycle under the theme Climate, Change will open in January 2018.
In the previous application cycle under the theme Climate, Change, organised by the Foundation in 2015, funding was granted for 29 projects in the fields of research, arts, and society with the total sum exceeding €368,000. The next application cycle will also seek to find more solutions to the constantly growing challenges of environmental issues and public debate.

Our planet is undergoing rapid change. The environment is changing dramatically, both locally and globally, due to climate warming. At the same time, the tone of public discussion is growing increasingly extreme, and research data is often overlooked and replaced by imagination and hearsay.

In the first application cycle under the theme Climate, Change projects that received funding addressed various types of environmental challenges, including research on new solutions for the prevention of climate change, development of new networks and tools for environmental education, campaigns against hate speech, spreading scientific information on more environmentally friendly ways of life and checking facts presented in social debate.

In the upcoming application cycle, Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation will continue funding solutions for similar types of challenges. Our goal is to continue to offer research data to support public debate and decisions, and we seek to find more solutions to the most alarming changes in the climate as well as creating more ways of preventing them in the future, both at the individual and society level. In addition to scientific research, active citizens and open, well-argued dialogue are forces that will help us to discover solutions to both the global issue of climate change and other problems affecting society.

In the application period to be opened in January 2018, the theme Climate, Change will be interpreted broadly, and work and projects relating to one of the following topics, among others, are eligible for funding:

Sustainability. The great majority of the scientific community has, for a long time already, agreed that climate warming is largely caused by human actions. Despite this, political and financial measures have been slow and ineffective. We hope to support work and projects that will promote incorporating solutions that will prevent and delay climate change into decision-making, public discussion and practice. In addition to climate change,  we welcome topics that address threats to ecosystems and sustainable ways of living.

Dialogue. Society needs more public dialogue that is open and solution-oriented. Features of discussion include providing reasons for one’s opinions, analytical consideration of different views and the attempt to understand the message and point of view of others. Discussion culture can be developed by more extensive sharing of research data and actively offering it to be utilized.

Civic skills. An individual’s chances of making a difference in matters in his or her immediate surroundings are the building blocks of well-being. In the thematic application cycle, the intention is to grant funding for projects that promote everyday life skills, equality and responsibility for the environment or provide people with the tools they need to be actively involved in their own environment.

Environmental education and awareness. The foundations for appreciating nature and understanding of oneself as a part of the surrounding ecosystems are laid in childhood. We seek to support projects that seek to increase environmental awareness in all groups of people.

Applications corresponding to the theme are accepted from all fields of study and all fields related to culture and well-being in society. The application cycle will be open 15-31 January 2018; the Application Instructions will be posted on this website of the Foundation.