Grant decisions 2015 carried out

The board of the Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation has reached its decisions regarding grant applications received in the November 2014 application period. The 30 applicants receiving a TAHF grant have been contacted.

The foundation was thrilled to receive a total of 2538 applications during the November 2014 application period, of which roughly half came from researchers and research projects, and the other half from other projects.

As mentioned in the application instructions, a maximum of 300.000 euros was to be awarded this year. Due to the large number and high quality of applications received, the final amount total of grants admitted reached 401.920 euros. Even so, numerous excellent projects were left without a grant; for these applicants the foundation wishes good luck and success for the future. The board does not provide reasons for individual grant decisions.

All applicants receiving a grant have been contacted. Due to the lack of an electronic application system, it is unfortunately beyond our resources to contact all applicants personally. A list of the 30 applicants receiving a grant will be published on the foundation’s website in the first week of March.

Grants were awarded in line with the purpose of the foundation: for the support and promotion of well-being in society, culture, environment, science and related research and education purposes.