FAQ – some questions and answers on applying

The ongoing application period has brought us many inquiries and questions from potential applicants. While answering them as quickly as possible though e-mail, we have now also listed below some of the most common questions, with their answers.



Q: Can writers/artists/musicians/journalists apply?

A: Yes. However we ask everyone to notice that on this first application period, only a maximum of 300.000 euros in total will be donated as grants.


Q: Is there an application form to be filled?

A: No, there is no application form. All applicants are asked to give answers to questions 1A – 4P (see the application instructions), as well as provide the attachments required.


Q: Does the word limit (500 words maximum in English) refer to answers in total, answers to each numbered question (1-4) or answer to each lettered question (A-P)?

A: The maximum word count 500 words refers to each lettered question, however concise and clear answers are appreciated. Not all the questions require long answers!


Q: Can foreign (non-Finnish) citizens apply?

A: Yes.


Q: I am doing my PhD/post-doc research in a foreign university. Can I apply?

A: Yes.



Q: Can I apply for a grant for a project related to my Master’s degree / thesis project of my professional education?

A: Yes, if you think the work meets the purpose of the Foundation, and has an impact on society outside your personal education. Apply through the “Other types of grants” category (see the application instructions).


Q: Are there some requirements on the form or length of the research proposal?

A: No. Ideally the applicant attaches a proposal that has been approved by the work’s supervisor/similar. If such a proposal is not at hand, please provide a proposal that is in line with standards of the discipline in question. If the approved proposal has changed considerably or is otherwise outdated, it can be paired with a freely formulated report on the current status of the research.


Q: Is the applicant supposed to provide statements of reference at any point?

A: No, the contact information of persons ready to give such statements suffice. Statements will be asked for by the foundation after the first selection round (no later than 15 January 2015), if necessary.


Q: Does the foundation award grants for research work for several years at a time?

A: No, unfortunately the foundation cannot at this point commit to funding research work for more than a year at a time. There will be specific instructions for applying for continuing research next year.